Precision cut from first-class raw materials, we guarantee only the finest quality with our Genuine Topaz.
Fresh, clear, and with exceptional color consistency, topaz has never been so bright.


Swarovski's Natural Brilliance Cut infuses round topaz with radiant light, intensifying the original beauty of the stone with a skillfully balanced, precision cut. According to scientists at the Fraunhofer Society, Europe’s largest application-oriented research institution, the Natural Brilliance Cut for Swarovski Genuine Topaz has proved to be vastly superior to the standard Topaz Round Star Cut in brightness and fire, possessing more pronounced dispersion effects, and more and brighter reflections.

In correlation to the GIA metric, which was originally developed to analyze the light performance of round brilliant cut diamonds, the Fraunhofer metric has been shown to amount to 70 % for light return and 90 % for fire when evaluating a set of 130 test geometries of brilliant cuts.


Topaz is naturally white and perfectly pure. Our Natural Brilliance Cut brings out the true character of the stone, while our TCF treatment offers creative diversity with an exciting range of colors. Patented in Austria and the United States, Swarovski's TCF technology (Thermal Color Fusion) enhances the surface of the stone with a permanent, hard-ceramic enhancement, which is resistant to production and cleaning methods such as ultra-sonic, magnetic pin, and acid baths. Unlike the irradiation treatment, which modifies the entire gemstone, our TCF technology restricts the coloration to the near-surface region of the stone. Swarovski Topaz therefore contains no radiation.